Rifan Kalbuadi Shares His Feelings on Loss

Selasa, 12 Jan 2021 - 00:00 WIB

It all began when her grandmother passed away in 2018. For Rifan, it had a significant impact on him because of their very close relationship. On top of that, his grandfather also took his last breath later on mid-2019 after his health deteriorated due to the death of his beloved wife. These emotional episodes became the fuel to the flame that led Rifan to write his latest single, “5207”. Akin to a personal blog or a diary, it is a song that encapsulates his feelings regarding the experience. A read through the lyrics of “5207” reveals verses that illustrate a positive affirmation towards death. Here, Rifan likens death to an indication that signals the end of one’s duties and responsibilities on Earth as he/she prepares to move on to his/her next chapter in life It can also be said that “5207” is the “sequel” to his previous single “Temporary Hours”, which was released back in March 2020. Showcasing the same mood and ambience of its predecessor, “5207” is mournful, minimalist, and reverb-heavy yet hauntingly beautiful at the same time. It was co-produced by Ivan “Iponk” Gojaya, who also helmed “Temporary Hours” and was involved in the production of Rich Brian’s debut studio album “Amen”. “5207” is set to be released on all major digital music streaming services on December 19, 2020.